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Dye I4 / I5 Thermal Lense

Dye I4 / I5 Thermal Lense

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The new easy-fit lense for the Dye I4 mask comes in a range of colours.


The new easy-fit lense for the Dye I4 mask comes in a range of colours.

Clear: for good clarity on the field.
Smoke: for use in bright light or sunny days.
High-Def: for enhancing colour on the field on dull days.
Yellow: perfect for lightening the scene, ideal for use in the woods.
Chrome: works like sunglasses to subdue bright light.... and it looks cool too !



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Brilliant for certain weather
I own a pair of the white and gold dye i4's and they look perfect. I bought the dyetanium northlight lenses for them and they just look even better however everything looks blue. It's like wearing some cheap sunglasses that you get abroad but I suppose they are good for bright weather. I do woodland paintball up here and I'm hopefully going to go to North V South next year but I will NOT be wearing these lenses. When I get paid I will purchase the yellow lenses as they are supposed to be good for when it's dark. All in all the northlight lenses are very aesthetically pleasing but they will hinder your performance if you are playing in the woods. By the way, Just Paintball has by far the best service then any other online paintball shop, just throwing it out there. Thanks guys!
Highly worth it
I recieved my new tiger orange dye i4 mask and ordered the bronze fire lens to go alongside it. It did cost me a fair few quid but I have to say that the image does not do the lens justice. For those of you considering the lens but are not convinced by the imagery used. The lens is clear from both inside and out but with a tint of gold,red,yellow,purple and other colours I have friends who have the northern lights lens and blue ice lens, these lenses are polaroid and are coloured inside and reflect back out. they look stunning but they are said to be tricky to use in low light. all in all the bronze fire lens is by far the nicest lens to accompany the magnificent dye i4 mask and is guaranteed to help you reach the peak of your performance

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