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Hangar 18 Extended Sight Rail
Q: Does this fit on the tippmann bravo one?

A: I am afraid it won't.
Q: will this fit the tippmann gryphon?


A: No it doesn't.
new A5
Q: hi i have the 2011 a5 and was wondering if this fits straight on or do i have to buy a different one if so please point out ?

A: Yes it fits straight on it.
Q: hi i was thinking about buying my first paintball marker and i was looking at getting the bt omega. will this fit the bt omega? thanks :)

A: This won't fit the BT Omega, you will need a RAP4 Tri-rail base
Q: do you have this to fit a BT-4 marker?

A: No we don't have this exact model for BT-4 on this day, we are hopping to have some in about a month.
Q: Will this go on the valken sw-1 plus the 32mm dotsight on top

A: This won't fit on the sw-1.
Will the hopper be in the way?
Q: Wondering if i was to put this on a tippmann 98c pro, then mount a 30mm red dot would the hopper be in the way? an if so any suggestions. because with my mask on and stock attached i cant get inline with the sight.

A: This will sort the problem of having the hopper in the way.
Carry Handle & Picatinny Rail all in one
Its a sight riser (like others), that thanks to its shape can also double as a carry handle for your A5. It also looks pretty, for a riser.

Just a few notes to bare in mind however:

It attaches to a dovetail rail, which you'll find on top of your A5. Sadly, this means that with some shrouds (such as a G36 or UMP), you'll be unable to attach it. Until someone decides to create a Picatinny-to-dovetail mount or some-such, It's versatility with setups is limited.

The sizes of the bolts used to attach it to the marker seem to be an enigma (or possibly I just suffered from a case of a bad mold, as I've been unable to find an allen key to fit them snuggly.

So, overall it's a nice little sight riser. For under a tenner, it's pretty cost effective.
sierra one...
Q: Will this fir straight on to a sierra one?

A: No
Q: will this go straight on an a5.
does it clip on the top.


A: Yes it will fit on the straight !

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