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Co2 Bottle 20oz (with pin valve)

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Co2 Bottle 20oz (with pin valve)
Q . Would this fit an Invert Mini? Would it need anything extra to do so if yes? What's the shot count?

A. No, The Invert Mini runs on Air only so you would need the 3000psi 0.8L air bottle at the least.
spyder mr100
Q. Will this work on my spyder mr100

A. Yes it will.
Q: How many shots will 20oz allow for a BT DELTA marker ?

A: Around 550-600 shots.
Q: Do you recommend using CO2 or Air for my sierra one?? thanks :)

A: Compressed air would be better if you can, but co2 will works fine too.
will it work?
Q: Will the BT Omega marker work with this product?

A: Yes it does.
Q: Hi, does this tank come with anti-syphon?

A: No, the bottle don't come with an anti-syphon.
can you also use compressed air for this tank ?
Q: can you also use compressed air for this tank ?

A: No, this bottle is designed for liquid co2 only.
Q: Is the H18 Eros-E Marker a good gun because this is the first time buying paintball stuff and i dont know wich ones are good or not.thanks ?

A: Please contact us on 01325 24 24 19 to speak about it. But yes the Eros-E is a good marker, easy to use.
gas can
Q: will this gas can fit on the H18 Eros-E Marker
cuz this is my first gun and gas bottle im gonna buy

A: Yes, but we highly recommend using Air on the Eros-E.
Pirhana GTI semi-automatic marker
Q: will this fit this marker or will i need o rings ?

A: This will fit on the Piranha without any modification.

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