BT Combat Jersey ZE
Brilliant jersey, what with all my gear i'm turning into something of a BT walking advertisement haha. Camo is brilliantly done, really effective, thumb loops are great for just keeping everything together; it keeps the elbow and forearm pads in place and not moving everywhere. Anyone who wears a tactical vest; the jersey goes really well under it, isn't itchy or anything, just generally fits perfectly. I run with the BT vest, and they work really well together.

One note, I couldn't see any chest padding? but oh well, like said I wear a vest anyway. Overall, a really decent vest, well worth the money
how do?
Q: im a 5ft 9inch tall and skinny guy. lol. would you recomend a large or medium?

A: Go Large - tops are best worn baggy so if in doubt go up a size - I am skinny but wear an XL for the bounce ;D
Its a nice piece of kit
i would recommend getting this coz its good in hot weather and cold weather. it keeps you warm in cold, and cool in hot.

it has some for of protection fitted in, even though its only soft padding.

perfect mil-sim look.

has tumb loops to add extra comfort and when you've finished with your pods, just slip them in side

anyone who is a BT fan will not be disspointed by this :)
i have had mine 4 about 2 days now and i love it its so cunfy and light weight its has big vest so u dong get sweety but it is also warm it ha sgrips on the sholders 4 a stock and a cool thing is u can just through you pods down your shirt 4 quick relode

i am an averigde sized 13year old and a mediam fits me perfect so any kids go 4 small/medium
simply awesome
nice feel ingenius pod carrier 4 quick escapes jus throw em down ur chest great camo people walked pass me n didnt see me gr8 4 ambushes a must 4 woodsballers

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