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V-Force Morph Lense

Value for money
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V-Force Morph Lense
OK lens but needs extra care!
These lenses are adequate & do the job as well as a single pane lens can giving decent optical vision but although treated with anti-fog etc they do still fog up regardless!
Be carefully cleaning them as this can remove the thin film of anti-fog treatment from the surface of the lens resulting in scratches & more pronounced fogging!
where can i get this?
Q: i have the v-force vantage i want to get a lens for it but i cant find it any where could you please tell me where to get one from and if any other lens will fit thanx ?

A: Please contact us on 01325 24 24 19, it's not something we stock, but we can order them.
Q: will this fit the v force grills ?

A: No it doesn't.
other lenses
Q: hi, will you get any lenses that fit the V Force Grillz ???

A: Please contact us on 01325 24 24 19 to order some. We will have to order some for you.
Q: will this fit any v force mask ?

A: This will fit VForce Morph and Profiler.
will it fit and vforce vantage
Q: will this fit a vforce vantage????

A: No - you need an armour / field lense.

6 Review(s)

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