Paintball quality is determained by three main factors, how round the ball is, how fragile the shell is and what type of fill the paintballs have.


How round a paintball is will determain how straight it will fly and therefore how accurate it will be. The accuracy of the paintballs will however also be influenced by the quality of the paintball gun that is shooting it, the quality of the barrel on the gun and also the rate of fire that the gun is running at as this in turn can effect the airflow. A rounder ball will generally be more expensive.


The shell of your paintballs are very important to the performance of the balls in terms of them not breaking in your paintball gun but breaking on your target - this is a fine balance between the ball being hard enough to come out of the gun but fragile enough to break on a target at a long distance. As a general rule the higher the grade of paintball the more fragile the paintball and the higher the quality of marker you need to be able to shoot the paintballs as higher specification paintball guns hit the paintball more gently.


Paintball fills can vary in a number of ways and this makes them better suited to different uses. A thick bright fill is usually hard to wipe and is often used for tournament play where a duller thinner fill is more likely to be used in woodland where staining of trees with a bright fill is not desirable and you are are reliant on the rain to remove the excess paint. All our paintballs have biodegradable fill that will break down naturally over a short amount of time in the environment.

Please note that paintballs are fragile and occasionally damage can occur in transit. We advise that you check all packages on receipt and notify the delivery driver of any damage. Failure to inspect on arrival and note damage on the delivery documents may prevent us from being able to do anything to assist.

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