Paintball Masks

Paintball Masks and Goggles

Paintball masks come in many different designs and offer different types of feature that can make one type of goggle preferable to another depending on you and the type of paintball that you play. The main differences are the type of frame, type of lense and shape of the mask.

Paintball Lenses

The lense is the most important part of your paintball mask as it needs to be good quality to give you good vision. Lenses come in many different colours and these different colours have different properties so you should choose the best one for the conditions you play in. Additionally there are 3 types of lense standard, antifog and thermal and each has different properties to reducing fogging / misting up thermal being the best.

Paintball mask frames

The frame generally holds the lense in place and doesn’t make too much difference to the mask performance its self but you should check the type of foam that is used and that it is comfortable against you face.

Paintball goggle ear pieces and faceplates

Mask ear pieces and faceplates can be hard or soft and there are benefits to both. Soft ear pieces and face plates can reduce the breakage of balls that make contact with the mask however the offer less protection to paintballs and so can hurt more.

Paintball goggles for glasses wearers

Glasses wearers must be particularly careful when choosing a paintball mask as it must fit over their glasses comfortably. Different goggles fit over different styles of mask better so we would always recommend you try before you buy if you wear glasses or call us and we can help recommend to you the best product.

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