Tiberius Arms Players Package

Tiberius Arms Players Package

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The ultimate milsim pistol with everything you need - in one handy case!


Capable of holiding up to eight 0.68 calibre paintballs in its magazine, along with one 12g sparklet, the Tiberius pistol is the most compact pistol on the market. The 12g sparklet will fire about 24 shots before it needs exchanging and, uniquely, you can remove the magazine to reload paintballs, without losing your remaining gas.

The Tiberius 8 is built for high performance scenario paintball. It's highly accurate and has a built in regulator that stabilises the velocity under any weather condition. The frame is made of high impact stainless steel, urethane and aircraft aluminium for the highest level of durability under extreme conditions.

The full players package from Tiberius includes:

Tiberius 8 (TAG8) Paintball Pistol Black
Tiberius 8 Magazine
Tiberius 8 Leg Holster
Tiberius Padded Pistol Case
8 x 12g Sparklets
GxG 2Pod Leg Holster
2 x 100 Shot Pots
GxG Padded Tactical Vest

Everything you need to be on the top of your game - and your opponents !!



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Q: can i buy more mags because it would make it more easy in a game? thanks

A: Yes you can buy spare / extra mags.
Q: why do you need a tac vest a battle pack AND a holter?

A: Pods, smokes grandes, grenades, ...

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