Paintball Guns

Paintball Guns and Markers

There are many different paintball markers to choose from and the difference between different types of paintball gun comes mainly from 4 factors, the accuracy, the rate of fire (RoF), the weight and the build quality. Other factors may also influence your decision when buying a marker e.g. how it looks and how upgradable the paintball marker is. Many of our paintball markers can look like imitations whilst others are more colourful, like the tournament paintball guns.

Paintball gun Accuracy

How round a paintball is will determine how straight it will fly and therefore how accurate it will be. The accuracy of the paintballs will however also be influenced by the quality of the paintball gun that is shooting them, the quality of the barrel on the gun and also the rate of fire that the paintball marker is running at as this in turn can effect the airflow. The very best tournament guns have a smooth airflow, fast regulator for consistant pressure, and a high quality precision egnineered barrel.

Paintball marker Rate of Fire (RoF)

The rate of fire of a paintball gun is simply the number of balls per second (BPS) that the marker can fire and this is determined by the quality of the engineering in the marker, the type of trigger mechanism (as a general rule an electronic trigger is faster) and by the type of loader on the gun as the loader must be fast enough to keep up with the marker.

Weight of Paintball guns

The weight of a paintball marker is mainly determained by the types of material used to make the paintball gun and this can vary a lot. Many top end tournament markers are made from expensive metal alloys including aluminium and titanium which are very strong and allow for precision engineering to make them very small and therefore very light. As a generally rule the lighter the gun the more expensive the materials used and the more expensive and higher the performance of the marker.

Build Quality of Paintball Markers

The build quality of a paintball gun is again generally related to the quality of the materials used to make it. The higher the grade of materails the more ability the manufacturer has to make high quality parts that will withstand diving and intense tournament paintball play.

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