Paintball Goggles

Paintball Masks and Goggles

There is a large range of paintball goggles available now days and most (but not all) meet EU standards. All the masks you can find at Just Paintball are EU approved. The quality of masks can vary quite a bit so it is important to choose carefully. All masks will offer you good eye protection but some are more comfortable or have better lenses and some are better for glasses wearers etc. If in doubt give us a call for some advise.

Paintball goggle frames

The frame to your paintball mask makes up the main part of your mask and will also have the foam that sits around your eyes. It is this piece that will determine how comfortable the goggle is on your head / face. Not everyone has the same shaped head so it is best to try before you buy if you have the opportunity.

Paintball Lenses

Paintball lenses come in different colours that are suitable for different light conditions. In low light conditions such as you will find in heavily wooded areas you need a light coloured lense like a clear or yellow one. In a bright conditions you need a darker lense such as a smoke or mirrored lense which will stop you being dazzled by bright sunlight. Changing you lense is easy with most paintball goggles but can take a little practice the first couple of times.

Paintball goggles for glasses wearers

Not all paintball goggles have enough space behind them to fit glasses so you should really try goggles on with your glasses before you buy – failing that give us a call and we will advise you. Glasses wearers should also consider using anti fog spray on their glasses as glasses that are not normally prone to steaming often steam up when under a paintball mask.

Paintball Mask accessories

There are lots of accessories that you can add to your mask to customise it including straps, ear pieces and different coloured frames. You should also consider getting a microfiber cloth for cleaning your mask as these are none scratch and you may also want some antifog spray to stop your lense from fogging up.

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