Paintball Gear

Paintball Gear

At Just Paintball we stock all the top gear from all the top brands. If it isn’t on our website then the chances are that it isn’t worth having.

Paintball Masks

The most important piece of paintball gear that you will ever buy is your paintball mask / paintball goggle. A good mask should fit comfortably and not steam up whilst you are wearing it. It should also offer good protection for you face, eye’s, temples and ears. You shouldn’t cut corners when you buy a paintball mask as a good paintball goggle will make your game more enjoyable.

Paintball Guns

Paintball guns vary a lot in terms of quality, reliability, accuracy and the speed that they fire and you should chose one that is appropriate for the level and type of paintball you are / plan to play. Your gun / marker is one of the most important pieces of paintball gear that you will buy.

Paintball Air systems / Loaders

Paintball air systems and CO2 bottles and hoppers and loaders can vary a lot in terms of performance, price, quality and weight. It is best to get some advice on which is best for you before you buy especially if you are new to paintball.

Other Paintball Gear

All other paintball gear is really optional extras and includes clothing, padding, paintball shoes, marker upgrades and accessories etc etc. All of these will improve your game or make it easier to play but are not essential when you are starting up.

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